Hanyoung GF4 Digital Counter

Hanyoung GF4 Digital Counter

Terminal type

GF Series

- Counter/Timer
- Set up digit of decimal points
- Selection of voltage/non-voltage inputs
- Timer range 16 kinds (10/60hexadecimal digits each 8 kinds)

GF4- Digital counter / Timer (48 X 48 ㎜)
Type P       Pre-set counter
T       Total counter
Displayable digits 4     4 digits (9999)
Setting stage 0   None (total counter)
1   1st stage setting (Preset counter)
Terminal structure N Terminal
S 8 pin structure (suitable for 8 pin socket)

Model Code Information
GF7- digital counter / Timer (72 X 72 ㎜)
Type P      
T       Total counter (6 digits only)
Displayable digits 4     4 digits (9999)
6     6 digits (999999)
Setting stage 1   1st stage setting
2   2nd stage setting
0   Total counter
Pre-scale function E Pre-scale function built in (Preset counter)
N No Pre-scale (Total counter)


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