Gewiss GW90966 Auto RCCB
Gewiss GW90966 Auto RCCB
Gewiss GW90966 Auto RCCB

Gewiss GW90966 Auto RCCB

Gewiss GW90966 RCCB Restart module


Gewiss 90 ReStart

Gewiss 90 Restart is the only auto reclosing device for RCCB that tests the working condition of paired device, without interrupting the associated power supply. In the event that the residual current device trips, ReStart will test the circuit after a trip and if safe, only if it is safe it will restore the supply. These nuisance trips are not only an inconvenience, but they can cause major problems within industry; with unnecessary downtime, loss of stock (for example in temperature controlled environments) resulting in loss of customer satisfaction if services are interrupted, there are many more issues. The cost of this can be enormous.

Thanks to the innovative control logic, Autotest is able to periodically and automatically test the working of the residual current device, without ever removing the power supply from the system. PRO versions are available for a continuous monitoring system.

In fact the system check will be carried out at regular intervals until the fault clears and the device can be safely, automatically reclosed. Moreover ReStart Rm TOP version is available.

It allows to:

- set the reclosing mode (with system check, by attempts or remote)

- select the insulation threshold

- set the reclosing time delay

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Made in Italy
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