No.970-2UL Nitto Fluoroplastic...
No.970-2UL Nitto Fluoroplastic...

No.970-2UL Nitto Fluoroplastic Saturated Glass Cloth

No.970-2UL NITOFLON impregnated glass cloth 


NITOFLON Tapes NO.970-2UL, NO.970-4UL, NO.9700UL consist of glass-cloth and coated Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin on both sides. The products offer excellent chemical resistance, electrical / mechanical strength, lubrication, weather-resistance, heat-resistance, and adhesive-free property.


Three types are available depending on PTFE impregnation weight and production processes.

No.970-2 UL : Standard

No.970-4 UL : High Impregnated type

No.9700 UL : Ultra High Impregnated (Surface Smooth type)

- The products are coated with stable molecular structure of PTFE. They are unaffected by virtually almost industrial chemicals and solvents.

- The products remain stable in wide temperature range from -100 deg. C up to +260 deg. C.

- Having low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, the products can be used in comprehensive range of frequencies.

- The products are unaffected by humidity, visible lights/ultraviolet lights, and microorganisms. Dirties/dusts/foreign materials can be easily eliminated.

- The products have the lowest friction coefficient among all solid materials, giving excellent autolubrication property. Also offer adhesion-free property and good reliability


- For releasing from molding

- For heat-sealing packaging materials

- For conveying belts in food processing

- For paper conveying belts in copiers

- For wire and cable structural materials

Operating Temperature
Tape thickness (mm)
Base Material
PTFE impregnated glass cloth
Dark brown
Product added to compare.

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