Philips T8 LEDtube

Philips Ecofit LED T8 tube

Philips Ecofit LED T8 tube

Colour Temperature

Philips Ecofit T8 LEDtube

Upgrade to efficient, long-lasting LED tubes with the Ecofit LED tubes. Ecofit LED tubes are a fast and easy way to replace your old fluorescent tubes with modern, efficient LED technology. Good quality of light with a natural lighting effect for use in general lighting applications with low initial investment – an environmentally friendly solution.

Product Data

General Information Electrical
Cap-Base G13 Voltage 220-240VAC (50/60Hz)
Nominal Lifetime (B50L70) 15000h Power (1200mm / 600mm) 16W / 8W
Light Technical Power Factor 0.5
Colour Temperature Code 740 (4000K), 765 (6500K) Dimmable No
Luminous Flux (1200mm / 600mm) 1600 lm / 800lm    
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 73 Tube Sheath Material  Glass 

Colour Temperature

Flame, 2200K. Picture from Philips Lighting.
Warm White, 2700K
Warm White, 2700K. Picture from Philips Lighting
White, 3000K. Picture from Philips Lighting
Cool White, 5000K. Picture from Philips Lighting
Daylight, 6500K. Picture from Philips Lighting

Wiring Connection

Philips LED T8 wiring connection

Version Comparison

Model Power (W) (4ft) Lifespan (Hrs) Warranty (Years) Color Rendering Index (CRI) Lumen(lm) Recommended Applications
MasterMaster LED 12W 50,000 3  80+ 1600
  • Shattered proof (in food industries)
  • more than 12Hrs operation
  • High Ceilings (>4m)
  • Maximum energy savings
  • 50,000 Hrs service life needed
  • High and Ultra High lumen (High Bay substitute)
  • 3 years warranty
  • 2, 4 and 5 inch models


EssentialEssential LED 16W 30,000 2  80+ 1600
  • More than 8 hours operation
  • 30,000 hours service life needed
  • standard and high lumen output
  • 2 years sysem warranty
  • 2 and 4 inch model
EcofitEcofit LED 16W 15,000 1  70 1600
  • 15,000 hours srvice life needed
  • 1 year sysem warranty
  • 2 and 4 inch model
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