EZ-Air/Sonic SPV12 blower
EZ-Air/Sonic SPV12 blower

EZ-Air/Sonic SPV12 blower

EZ-Air/Sonic SPV-12 blower

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5m hose
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EZ-Air/Sonic SPV-12

With its specially designed axial propellers, Sonic SPV-12 portable blower ventilator offers high static pressure, high flow rate, long endurance and excellent strength. The blower can be tilted in any angle on its legs, providing flexible blowing direction. It can be tilted vertically for "sky dancer" application.

Optional 5m flexible hose can be attached to the fan to direct air flow into hard to reach places. The flexibile hose can be connected together for form a maximum length of 15m without reducing flow rate significantly.  This is especially suitable for drawing air from road surface into tunnel. 


Model SPV-12
Blade Diameter 300mm
Voltage 240
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 320/490W
Speed 2800/3300 RPM
Flow Rate 60 m3/min
Static Pressure 343 Pa
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