Zensor SUL180 24H timer
Zensor SUL180 24H timer

Zensor SUL180 24H timer

SUL180 24 Hour relay timer


Zensor SUL180 analogue time switch has a slim design (18mm thick) with DIN rail mounting for easy installation in any standard DB box.  Key features include;

  • 24 Hour daily program 
  • Minimum switching time of 15 minutes
  • Manual / auto switching
  • Quartz timer offer high accuracy (+/-3 sec per day)
  • Switching current of up to 16A, 230VAC (resistive)
  • Backup battery to last for 48 hours in case of power failure
  • Operating voltage of 110-250VAC 45-60 Hz.
  • Operating environment -10°C to 50°C


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