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Elitech EK-3030 Temperature Controller

Elitech EK-3030 Temperature Controller

Elitech EK3030 dual probes refrigeration temperature controller


The Elitech EK-3030 (EK3030) is a temperature controller featuring a touchscreen interface. It is designed for regulating temperatures in applications such as refrigeration, defrosting, and fan control. This controller offers a comprehensive set of functions, including temperature measurement, display, control, correction, forced defrosting, temperature overrun alarm, and sensor fault alarm. Additionally, it facilitates easy parameter adjustment by allowing one-touch restoration of the original settings.

One noteworthy feature of this device is its ability to remember the defrosting cycle status even in the event of unexpected power loss. This ensures timely initiation of the defrosting process, preserving the normal operation and cooling efficiency of the equipment.

To prevent inadvertent changes to the settings due to accidental touches, Elitech has incorporated a key lock function into the EK series, which enhances user convenience.

The Elitech EK-3030 temperature controller is ideally suited for temperature regulation in environments such as cold storage, freezers, operating consoles, and various refrigeration equipment.

This controller provides two-way sensor inputs, supporting both temperature probe sensors and defrost probe sensors. It also offers three-way control outputs for refrigeration, defrosting, and fan equipment.




  • Touch Control
  • Pass EMC Tests
  • Water and Dust Proof Front Panel
  • 3 Relays Outputs for Compressor, Fan and Defrost Control
  • Built in Buzzer Alarm
  • 2x NTC Probes Included



Voltage Source
220VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
Temperature Measure Range
-40°C ... 80°C
Temperature Control Range
-40°C ... 99°C
±1C (-30°C... 50°C), ±2°C (Others)
Display Resolution
Size (mm)
85 W x 35 H x 63.8 D
Mount Hole Opening
71 x 29 mm
Relay Rating
10A 220VAC (Resistive)
IP65 front panel
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